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ObjectFrontier (OFS) CEO Rich Napoli is Retiring at the End of 2021 After a Successful 12-Year CEO Stint

October 20, 2021

Co-Founder Dominic Savio will be succeeding Napoli as the CEO for ObjectFrontier. Savio has more than two decades of experience in software development.

ObjectFrontier is well-positioned for continued success following Rich Napoli’s retirement; Napoli to remain as an advisor in 2022

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ObjectFrontier, Inc. (OFS) announced today that Rich Napoli, Chief Executive Officer, will be retiring at the end of 2021 and Dominic Savio, President, OFS will succeed him as CEO. 

Napoli retires after 43 years in the software industry. He joined OFS as CEO in 2010 and helped OFS grow from 200+ associates to 1,200+ and establish itself as a credible technology partner.

On behalf of the company, we want to thank Rich
for his leadership over the past decade

— Dominic Savio, CEO, Relevantz Technology Services, Inc.

Retiring CEO

Rich Napoli

Retiring CEO

Dominic Savio


“On behalf of the company, the management team, and ObjectFrontier’s associates, we want to thank Rich for his leadership over the past decade,” said Savio. “An inspirational and customer-focused leader, Rich has played a significant role in growing OFS and bringing in repeat business from our clients. We are sincerely grateful to him for his dedication and wish him a fun-filled retirement. He has been working with me and the leadership team at OFS these past two years to prepare for this transition.” 

“I feel very confident that ObjectFrontier is in great hands and is prepared to scale even greater heights with Dominic’s leadership,” said Napoli. “I am grateful to our customers for sticking with us as well as our associates and their hard work, which has made this company what it is today. I am particularly grateful to the founder brothers, Dominic Savio and James Walter, for trusting me and treating me like family.” 

Rich will continue to be involved with OFS in 2022 as an advisor to the executive team to ensure a smooth transition. 

Please watch the exclusive video coverage of the fireside chat between Dominic, Rich and Aaron here

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