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Improving the entire care process through our digital transformation offerings

Payers and providers in the healthcare industry have been trying to improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs and complying with regulations. Digital transformation is integral to these aims, and when COVID-19 hit, the need for new digital solutions accelerated across health organizations practically overnight. Patients needed, and now expect, the ability to book appointments, receive care, pay bills via the latest payment technologies, and access records — online and at any time.

Another key trend with patients at the center is data-driven healthcare. Providers need to collect, share, and analyze more data, which leads to better patient outcomes and lower costs. To achieve these ends, healthcare organizations are modernizing their systems. This not only enables them to reach the level of interoperability needed to share all that data with other providers and payers, but it also affords them technologies such as AI for predictive analytics, better decision-making, and value-based care.

Industry Segments We Serve

Healthcare information management

The future of healthcare and the bottom-line of service providers will be shaped by how they manage information. With more and more people preferring telemedicine, third-party wearables to measure health-related data, and other technologies, organizing healthcare information has never been more challenging. In order to be future-ready, they need to implement future-proof systems.

For hospitals, clinics, and healthcare service providers, Relevantz can help optimize information management. With future technology in mind, we can help design new processes and operating models that are HIPAA compliant to collect and organize information, gain operational efficiencies, reduce administrative costs, and improve the quality of care.


Health informatics

The pandemic has pushed health systems around the world to the limit, and, consequently, exposed several limitations in accessing and sharing crucial health information. The urgency for change is not just a temporary pandemic measure; healthcare service providers need to implement advanced systems to provide essential services for a large aging population, a demographic phenomenon common in many parts of the world.

Relevantz can help healthcare service providers to transform their health informatics system. By leveraging the power of the cloud, big data, AI, and ML, service providers will be able to deploy informatics systems that can help clinicians access crucial data in real time, optimize care paths, and deliver improved health outcomes.

Health insurance

COVID-19 has escalated the need for easier, faster, and simpler channels to apply and access health insurance. With razor-thin margins, increased payouts, and surges in processing needs, the efficiency of front-office and back-office operations can give insurers the elbow room they need to meet demand.

Relevantz can help insurers fast-track their digital transformation journey. By using advanced technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and machine learning (ML), we can help insurers transform their claims registration, underwriting, policy renewals, regulatory compliance, segmentation, and much more.


Why Relevantz?

We started out as a software product company and inherited the engineering culture of innovation. Our experience from having built product software and solutions for 6 of the 100 largest software firms in the world has given us the wisdom to build software that is scalable, robust, secure, cloud-native and accessible across multi-experience environments.

 Our honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering great software for our customers stem from our strong values and moral fiber. Our company mission is woven into the fabric of our company culture to be the most ethical provider of software solutions.