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Helping you build innovative, commercial-grade software at scale

The technology landscape is evolving at an exponential rate. The disruption has also impacted software and hi-tech organizations across all sizes. An agile mindset is key for businesses to retain their competitive advantage, but adapting fast enough while addressing shorter time-to-market windows is still a major challenge. Organizations that successfully deal with complex issues of the supply chain, competition, and the continual pressure to innovate and stay ahead of the competition are in the best position to succeed in today’s ever-evolving digital economy.

Industry Segments We Serve

Independent software vendors

Over the years, Relevantz has planned, built, and delivered custom business solutions that allow enterprises to generate a high return on investment. We develop applications using every leading technology to meet any business needs. Our testing services are focused on helping our clients provide their users with a consistent experience across applications.

For organizations looking for a development partner to build software solutions, Relevantz provides digital transformation consulting, product management support, mobility and cloud application development, cybersecurity, software testing services, and much more.


Consumer electronics

The desire for more innovative and pragmatic technology in our daily lives is driving intense competition in the consumer electronics industry. This has resulted in shorter product development cycles and wafer-thin margins for manufacturers. In order to grow, there is a need for businesses to have an integrated strategy for their products and customer service, along with support to create differentiated customer experiences.

Relevantz can help organizations accelerate innovation with embedded software design, software engineering, product verification and validation, automation and continuous integration. With our multiservice experience, consumer electronics manufacturers can focus on innovation and deliver next-generation products to their customers.

Original equipment manufacturers

When the fundamentals are strong, innovation is inevitable. For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), their ability to continually improve, be compliant and optimize their production lines is entirely dependent on their ground-up digital infrastructure.

To help OEMs stand apart in the vast global supply chain, Relevantz can deliver comprehensive software engineering solutions that enable them to become an extended arm of their clients. Through our automation and continuous integration prowess, cloud, and embedded system applications systems engineering, OEMs can become more agile, provide much-needed supply chain visibility, optimize their back-office operations, and much more.


Case Study

Enterprise Restaurant Technology Platform

Real-Time Data Processing Solution

Why Relevantz?

We started out as a software product company and inherited the engineering culture of innovation. Our experience from having built product software and solutions for 6 of the 100 largest software firms in the world has given us the wisdom to build software that is scalable, robust, secure, cloud-native and accessible across multi-experience environments.

 Our honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering great software for our customers stem from our strong values and moral fiber. Our company mission is woven into the fabric of our company culture to be the most ethical provider of software solutions.