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Financial Technology Services Firm

Customer Care Platform Consolidation

Microservices Architecture Solution


With its desire to increase its market share and serve its customers the best possible way, the client acquired a company in a similar marketplace, and in that process, it also inherited competing product lines. In order to prove to the market and its shareholders the success of the acquisition, the client was immediately put under tremendous pressure to:

  • Leverage and unify the best solution and technology capabilities across owned competing product lines
  • Bring optimization and reduce the cost of maintenance and support across the product lines
  • Transform and design new business capabilities that would enable the client to be an innovative leader in the marketplace


If the client did not act quickly to come up with a roadmap plan, implement the tactical and strategic actions within the expected time frame, and move beyond the acquisition challenges, the client would be subjected to:

  • Financial implications, as the market was expecting unified direction and messaging with the product lines
  • Fintech competition, which has the great advantage of being digitally native and having a focus on innovation
  • Customer dissatisfaction by not having the features and functionalities they look for from a market leader


The client brought us in as a strategic partner for our product and platform engineering capabilities to speed up the desired outcomes in the customer care product lines, which was one of the functional areas of focus. We engaged in a large-scale technical analysis of the product lines, architected a solution to leverage technical and functional capabilities, and delivered an API platform for customer care that enabled the client to:

  • Unify the product lines and reduce operational and maintenance costs drastically
  • Meet the market expectations within the expected time frame and position itself for better financial gain after the acquisition
  • Gain customer confidence in the direction of its product lines
  • Lead the market with the potential futuristic capabilities like customer multiexperience with its product lines


For a global leader in payments and financial technology services, we architected and delivered a customer care API platform that consolidated and unified diverse legacy product lines that were inherited through acquisitions. This API platform enabled our client to:

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs substantially (in terms of 100MM) by retiring redundant legacy systems
  • Build the foundation for futuristic multiexperience capabilities (conversational bots and voice assistants) for its customer care
  • Expand its business line as a platform economy in which its business partners could collaborate and benefit