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Enterprise Restaurant Technology Platform

Real-Time Data Processing Solution


Due to the batch-oriented nature of the outdated data processing platform:

  • It used to take three days for the fast-food restaurant managers to get visibility into the inventory and order stats
  • Even if there was a small discrepancy in the data, it was too late for action, resulting in many manual overrides
  • Time to market was slow, as any change by a developer had to pass through more than six environments before it reached the live/production environment
  • It was difficult to measure the success of experimental beverages and food


  • There were unhappy customers due to delayed data and increased data quality issues when the data was rolled up for monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports
  • Revenue started declining for the client, as the customers began looking out for alternative solutions from competitors


We proposed and developed a self-scalable, containerized data platform using cloud-native services to accept, process, and push the cleansed data to a reporting repository, with the following outcomes:

  • Real-time streaming of the order details from the fast-food restaurants
  • One-click deployment to move the code across the environments
  • Data models to slice and dice the reports on thin clients


We developed a cloud-native data processing platform enabling restaurant managers with real-time reporting information and decision-making capabilities that led to:

  • An overall reduction of data processing time — from days to less than 30 minutes
  • A unique USP to tap into the larger market with real-time reporting
  • An opportunity to bring in hyper automation for predictive analytics
  • Connected pipelines to move the code from dev to production with built-in quality checks