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Financial Services Firm

Billing Software Delivers $250M in savings

Framework and codebase for effective reusability


The client provides billing and customer experience platforms to multiple industries including energy, retail and insurance.


Our client had a different codebase across multiple clients, which led to a loss of effort and time, on-boarding new clients and adding new or customized features for existing clients.


Relevantz applied product engineering experience and developed a base framework and codebase for effective reusability. We also provided maintenance and enhancement support for assimilating the complex business rules of a deregulated energy industry spanning many utilities and states.

  • This robust, scalable solution is integrated with over 120 electric and gas utilities
  • Modern, intuitive, mobile-enabled user interfaces made for easier billing, payment, and customer support
  • The Relevantz team ramped up to a 40-resource team across different assignments in 3 years
  • We developed a base framework and codebase for effective reusability
  • We effectively managed complex release procedures and different release timelines for each client
  • We built multiple productivity tools for code reviews and code metrics reviews
  • Technologies used were ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, BizTalk


For a leading Financial Services firm, we helped with effective energy management and other key benefits that include:

  • Reducing new energy buyer on-boarding time by 75%, which generated $250M in savings per buyer
  • Energy supplier implementation timelines were reduced by 66%, which saved $250M per supplier
  • We developed a testing approach and test harnesses that reduced unit testing from 24 hours to just over 3 hours