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Financial Investment Research Firm

Investment Decision Management Platform

Cloud-Native Data Management Solution


Challenges in the existing legacy data platform were limiting the client’s ability to adopt the security, data residency compliance, and integration aspects of its customers’ obligations. As a result, the client:

  • Could not onboard new customers with obligations of data residency
  • Faced rising operational costs per customer


Business expansion and revenue growth were limited, as the system was not able to meet the data residency requirements. In addition to that, limited input channels prolonged the time to market, forcing its customers to look for alternatives.


Using the public cloud platform’s global footprint of data centers all over the world, we proposed and developed a transparent, efficient, unified data platform that provides:

  • A region-specific data platform instance for global customers with data residency obligations
  • Support for various input types, and multiple input channels for data collection
  • Tracking and monitoring features for transparency and easy maintenance


We incrementally rebuilt a unified data platform on a public cloud for a leading investment research firm, enabling it to:

  • Reduce data collection costs by $400K per year
  • Reduce operational costs by $10K per client per year
  • Onboard new customers with data residency obligations