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Small Finance Bank

IT Service Management (ITSM) Process Automation

RPA-based Service Desk Solution


The client’s IT operations team received 5000+ tickets a day, most of which were requests for employees to access its internal banking applications and for customers to access its banking portal.

  • Many of these operations involved tedious processes requiring complex user configurations to provide access to various systems
  • Because all User Access Management (UAM) requests were addressed manually, it created a backlog that slowly piled up, causing the average time to fulfill a request to lengthen from 2 days to 5 days


In addition to its IT operations team being inefficient, the delays started to negatively impact the client’s day-to-day business operations as a whole:

  • Although the business was growing, the client’s IT operations team was unable to support that growth due to the numerous manual processes
  • Because of the delays, the client’s weekly new customer onboarding count — a metric relied upon by branch managers to measure performance and make decisions — appeared to be decreasing at each of the client’s 1000+ branches
  • The sheer number of tickets and manual steps involved meant that the chances of human error were high, which could have jeopardized its compliance with banking and information security standards


Once the client realized the ripple effect its existing processes were causing, we were asked to come on board. After taking the client’s challenges and time-to-market needs into consideration, we saw an opportunity for digital transformation across its ITSM tools and practices. We designed and deployed a fully automated service desk fulfillment solution without changing its existing ITSM tool chain. Integrated with over 25 various systems, the solution can automatically:

  • Resolve service desk tickets related to UAM
  • Allocate approved tickets to support personnel to perform in-person support
  • Perform periodic operations such as Backup, Recovery, Patch Management, and Network and System Performance Monitoring

The automated solution increased the performance of the client’s entire ITSM practices, improving process quality, reducing service delivery time, increasing productivity of IT resources, and increasing compliance.


For a leading small finance bank, we designed and deployed an RPA-based service desk fulfillment solution to automate its high-volume and highly repetitive IT operations, resulting in:

  • A substantial reduction in user access request fulfillment time — from 5 days to less than an hour
  • Increased compliance with banking and information security standards
  • The client being able to scale IT operations to meet the needs of its growing business